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West Indies Cricket Team

West Indie Cricket Team

The West Indies cricket team, also known as the Windies, is a multi-national cricket team that represents, mainly English-speaking nations and territories in the Caribbean region and is governed by Cricket West Indies.

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Afghanistan Cricket Team

Afghanistan cricket team

The national team of Afghanistan represents Afghanistan in international cricket since the mid-19th century. Since early in the 21st century the national team began to enjoy success.

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Cricket free betting tips

Cricket betting tips

The world has evolved so much that every aspect has changed drastically and when it comes to technology it has been evolved to the next level as to which the life of human has mostly revolved around it.

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Top interesting facts about cricket

Interesting Cricket Facts

How is it possible that you live in India and not get affected by the love-wave of cricket? It seems that there are two kinds of people if we have to divide. First, those who love cricket and those who worship cricket.

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