India Lockdown: Why Ben Stokes still preparing for IPL?

There are a lot of people included in cricket, and IPL matches and Ben Stokes is one of them who is a player of cricket. He is an England, all-rounder cricketer who plays the IPL matches and always tends to win the match. Due to lockdown in the entire world, most of the things have stopped working, and IPL is one of them. Players who play cricket always remain in a hurry to practice and win the IPL matches.

Coronavirus didn’t affect cricket matches only, it has been able to put a full stop to lots of other games, too. However, even when there is no match, the players who will play the IPL cricket matches need to keep practicing. The continuous practice can help the players to keep connectivity to their major field. It can help the players to have more improvement in their playing skills and ability to perform well. Stokes is trying to prepare for IPL even in lockdown just because to keep his connectivity with it.

For further information related to Ben Stoke’s life and the decision of preparation, you can consider the below information.  It can help you to know about the various reasons behind this decision.

Ben Stokes

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Ø  Ben Stokes is one of the all-rounder cricketers of England who is still preparing for the IPL matches in the time of lockdown. He said that he is preparing for the IPL to improve his skills and for his better return for the competitive matches. Stokes is preparing for the cricket matches for the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. The COVID-19 situation caused the league to be suspended and made the players wait for it.

Ø  They suppose to start IPL matches from the 29th March; however, the IPL authority decided to postpone it until 15th April. After that, when the lockdown extended, then again, there is an announcement for the lockdown extension. For covering up all the entire time between the match and the IPL, Stokes wants to keep his skills as earlier or even better.  This is the reason behind his decision to keep on practicing cricket in lockdown.

Ø  The BCCI officials, which is the main head of IPL news, came to know about Stokes’s information. Stokes wanted to be a truth-teller about his IPL related story, so he decided to choose BCCI officials as they always launch the true news related to the IPL and its players. Stokes is a wonderful England cricket player who simply wants to improve his cricket playing skills, so he decides to keeps on preparing for IPL matches in lockdown.

Wrapping it up

If you are a big fan of Ben Stokes and his playing skills, you will definitely love to see his interview, which BCCI officials held with him. It would help if you are attentive while learning the information as Stokes is telling about his preparation and other related things.

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