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The World cup T20 swaps with India, BCCI is not ready to hold the tournament

2020 T20 world cup

Due to Covid-19, the T20 world cup is suspended. The International cricket council asked Australia for the alternate when they would like the tournament to be held. On this, the cricket board of Australia said that they will hold the world cup for the next year while India is hosting …

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Dhoni’s Daughter Gets a Rape Threat for CSK’s Loss

Dhoni's Daughter Gets a Rape

CSK is one of the strongest IPL teams. They have won many matches and have a great name in the history of IPL. This IPL season their performance isn’t as expected. As compared to their performances in all the previous season, this season they are not even average. CSK fans …

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Latest News of Cricket 2020

Latest News of Cricket 2020

Cricket one of the most renowned and most popular sports across the various countries. The people who are connected to cricket are from all over the world that uses this game in various ways. Some people prefer to play this game as an outdoor sport, and some prefer to do …

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What About IPL 2020?

IPL 2020

The Indian Premium League (IPL) has been famous since the year 2008 when the first edition was played. The tournament in India is organized by the IPL Governing Council.

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IPL Series: COVID19 Impact

Corona impact on IPL

The Indian Premium League (IPL) has been famous since the year 2008 across the sports arena. The demand to watch the series has raised since then. The IPL matches have been liked and seen by all the viewers across the world.

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How the Corona Virus Has Been an Obstacle for the IPL 2020 and It’s Revenue


The impact of the COVID-19 has been across various domains of the country. It has not just impacted the health of the people but also has shown its impact on various sectors of the economy. The sports and various Olympics activities have had a severe negative influence due to the effect of the COVID-19.

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Top interesting facts about cricket

Interesting Cricket Facts

How is it possible that you live in India and not get affected by the love-wave of cricket? It seems that there are two kinds of people if we have to divide. First, those who love cricket and those who worship cricket.

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Top 4 websites to watch cricket news

Cricket Live Streaming Websites

If we talk about sports and think that which one is more interesting to watch and enjoy, then definitely cricket is the word that comes first in everyone's mind. Without any doubt, cricket is the favorite sport for everyone.

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