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Top interesting facts about cricket

How is it possible that you live in India and not get affected by the love-wave of cricket? It seems that there are two kinds of people if we have to divide. First, those who love cricket and those who worship cricket.

You might be wondering that why knowing these facts about cricket are important. Do they really matter? Well yes, if you want to have deep and good knowledge in the cricket industry or if you are planning to enter the cricket world then knowing these facts will surely help you in multiple ways. There are many facts that we know but that are partially correct, and half knowledge is equal to dead knowledge as said.

So, as a cricket lover, you need to know these interesting cricket facts to update your cricket knowledge. Below are some of the most interesting facts about Cricket that all of its fans must know:

Top Interesting Facts About Cricket:

Top interesting facts about cricket

As per cricket news from some resources, Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat to hit the fastest ever ODI century in 1996. Just think, how Sachin Tendulkar has impacted international cricketer also!! 

  • So, cricket has also followed the rule of ladies first. Just jokes apart! But the interesting fact is the first women’s cricket world cup (1973) was held 2 years before the men’s world cup (1975).
  • We all know that there are various gamed which are involved in Olympic games except cricket. But the interesting fact is cricket also has been played at Olympics once in 1990, at the 2nd modern-day Olympics, Athens! 
  • It took 137 years for the first ball of a test match to be hit for a Six. And this feat was achieved by Chris Gayle on the first ball of the Mirpur Test in 2012! what a great historical six made by Chris Gayle.
  • If you follow all regular cricket news, then you know that Shane Warne missed his maiden test century in Perth in 2001, caught out on a wrong decision at 99. He missed just one run!!!!
  • The Career that failed after dream started: It comes to know from cricket news of sports TV channel, Vinod Kambili is that player who played a total of 17 test matches, had scored 4 centuries in his first 7 matches including 2 double centuries.
  • When it comes to taking the highest wickets, the first name hits the name of all cricket lover is Shane Warne but the fact is the most wickets has been taken by Sanath Jayasuriya in most of the ODIs. 
  • People think that the highest runs made in a single over is 36 but it is not. 


We hope that these interesting facts about cricket were unknown to you till now however, some you might be knowing if you are a big fan of cricket. Do share these amazing facts with your buddies, and let them know also. Stay tuned to get more interesting cricket news. Enjoy!

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