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IPL Series: COVID19 Impact

The Indian Premium League (IPL) has been famous since the year 2008 across the sports arena. The demand to watch the series has raised since then. The IPL matches have been liked and seen by all the viewers across the world. Since the beginning of the IPL series, the mix of various players across the countries has been liked by the viewers. 

The change in the players across various IPL series from 2008 has recorded various changes in the winning of teams across the series. The 2020 IPL series was stopped due to the effect of the COVID-19. The series was supposed to start on the 29th of March 2020. This series has now been on hold and the date is yet to be decided by the BCCI.

The players across various teams have also been affected due to the COVID19. This impact was not only on the players but also on the Franchise Owners, Broadcasters, and Sponsors. The amount invested in the IPL and the players had a severe effect on the franchise who had purchased or bided for the players. 

IPL Series – COVID19 Impact

There is still no clarity on the commencement of the IPL series in 2020. Many of the players across the IPL teams have been young in terms of age, and have also been on top in the last few IPL matches. The players have at least taken 5+ wickets and also have made double centuries across the last IPL matches.

Another important aspect of the IPL series is to include the young star players in the matches and also showcase their recognition. However, due to the COVID-19 series, many of the players are unable to showcase their talent as in the previous matches. Many of the players are still practicing for the IPL 2020 at their respective facility provided. Some of the players however are not able to practice for the match due to the COVID-19 crisis.

Some of the major young players across various teams are; Sai Kishore, Deshpande, and Shahbaz Ahmed. Sai Kishore from the Chennai Super Kings has bowled to the famous players like Dhoni, Rayudu, and Raina for the last few series. He has gained confidence after playing with them. In the situation of COVID-19, Sai Kishore has still been practicing on his terrace for improving his bowling skills. This will have a good effect on the future series if not played in the IPL matches. 

On the other hand, Deshpande from the Delhi Capitals has been facing a bigger challenge due to the effect of the COVID-19. The training and practice for these matches have been a major struggle for him. The bowling practice is not able to be done by him, and he says the practice may resume posting the crisis. As Delhi is on the top of the board in terms of the COVID-19 patients, the effect of this has also been shown on the players of the match. As a result, the effect of COVID-19 has been shown on the players also.

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