How the Corona Virus Has Been an Obstacle for the IPL 2020 and It’s Revenue

The impact of the COVID-19 has been across various domains of the country. It has not just impacted the health of the people but also has shown its impact on various sectors of the economy. The sports and various Olympics activities have had a severe negative influence due to the effect of the COVID-19. The money spent on these activities has also shown a negative impact on the business and franchise owners across various companies.

Many of the players have given importance to the safety and health of the people in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Harbhajan Singh from the Chennai Super Kings has told that the health and safety of the people are more important and the IPL should focus on the same before hosting the series. The impact of the COVID-19 had a severe effect on the global sports calendar postponing or yet to decide the date for various sports activities. 

COVID-19 outbreak

According to the Star Sports media, Harbhajan Singh had said that they are ready to play without the spectators on the ground as the health of the spectators is more important. He also said that the audience can watch on the television rather than on the ground, which will not have an impact on their health. 

The focus on safety and sanitization on the match venues, team hotels, and flights should be given more importance due to the impact of COVID-19. He also told the media that the IPL should be organized only when the COVID-19 situation has completely reduced and everything is fine. The date for the IPL series is yet to be decided by the BCCI.

This event is one of the major revenue-generating for the BCCI and players across the teams. According to the statement made by the Sports Minister, Kiren Rijiju, India will not host any sports events in the current situation. The minister also focused on the practice and training sessions which should be made prior to the matches. 

In the COVID-19 situation, it would not be possible to have these sessions. He also said that the government will take the call based on the COVID-19 situation, until which the sports activities including the IPL series will be kept on hold. 

The IPL series is one of the major sports events that generate a huge amount of salaries to the international players and draws a large crowd for watching the few overs. The IPL series is estimated to generate around $11 billion every year for the economy of India. In the 2020 IPL series, Pat Cummins from Australia was the most expensive auction player for the Kolkata Knight Riders. 

He was auctioned at $2.17 million by the Kolkata Knight Riders. However, the effect of the COVID-19 is expected to have a huge impact on the expenses of the financiers if the matches are canceled for 2020. Many of the teams’ chairmen along with the sponsors are waiting for the update news from the BCCI about the IPL series during the effect of COVID-19.

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